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Companies in the most diverse areas like Services, Communications, Supermarket Nets, Concessionaires, Food industries, Banks, etc, maximize their management speeding up their data stream with our solutions.
  Petrobrás (in progress):

- Support on space segment dimensioning and contract and on the implementation of the company’s satellite corporate communications network.
  Racimec Eletrônica e Serviços (RES) (2006):

- Design, specifications, business plan development and implementation supervision of e-commerce applications using POS with wireless connections (2,5G cellular and/or WiFi) with service Gateway for service control and distribution.
  CPqD (2005):

- Support on the technical specifications elaboration of the SGB (Brazilian Geostationary Satellite), being developed by the Brazilian Government to provide governmental and military sensitive communications. The work included technical specs of the satellites, the control center and the telemetry and command earth stations at frequency bands C, Ku and L.
  Petrobrás (2003-4):

Technical specifications elaboration for equipment and services RFP associated to the implementation of a corporate communications multi-services network, including support on proposal evaluation, negotiations with bidders and implementation supervision.
  Petrobrás (2002):

- Tthe Brazilian petrol exploration, refining and distribution Company: Design of an integrated and updated satellite network, including evaluation of necessities, technology investigation, design of cost effective solution and detailed project elaboration (2002-2002).
  DECEA, the Brazilian Air Force Air and Space Control Department (2001 and 2002):

Support on defining the Brazilian SBAS - Satellite Based Augmentation System, including studies of similar systems (US WAAS, European EGNOS, Japanese MTSAT), meetings with US FAA and specifications of the SBAS Uplink earth station.
  Telemar (the largest fixed telephony operator in Brazil, with a license covering 16 states, from Amazon on the north to Rio de Janeiro on the east cost) (1998 to 2001):

- Design, specifications and documents preparation for ANATEL (the Brazilian FCC) of a space segment project for the 610 W orbital slot

- Contacts with potential partners on the space segment program, including technical and economical evaluation of the business proposal

- Support in the determination of the terrestrial system characteristics, including demand studies.

- Design and specifications of its satellite communications network, compose of 8 large hubs, 300 remotes and 93 stand alone pay phone units.

- Support on the implementation, testing and bring to operation of Telemar Satellite Network .
  Horizon Cable Vision (1999-2000) :

- Design and implementation of front office and back office facilities (ERM, CRM, PABX, Call Center) for the company, acting as Chief Information Officer for Horizon.Support on evaluation of new value-added services for its HFC (hybrid Fiber-Coaxial) backbone
  Gilat do Brasil (2000):

- Analysis of legislation pertained to satellite DTH access, including Internet and data access, for its GTH (Gilat - To - Home) service. Elaboration of all documentation for requesting service authorization.
  Coopernet / UNT (1997 to 2001):

- Support on the design, implementation planning and legal aspects of a nationwide wireless data network employing Ericsson’s Mobitex technology.
  LATIN.COM (1999):

- Design and support in negotiations with suppliers, of a national high-speed backbone for Internet service provision. Support on call center specification and provisioning.
  Newbridge do Brasil (1999):

- Study of LMDS technology in the world and preparation of document to ANATEL suggesting frequency bands and main characteristics to be employed on similar systems in Brazil.

- Follow-up of regulatory work done at ANATEL about LMDS.

Editora BURTI, São Paulo, SP (1996 to 1999):

- Development of a nationwide teleconferencing and data / video Broadcasting network via satellite, using VSAT DAMA technology.

- Design and development of a wireless metropolitan WAN (10 Mbps radios) in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

IBM Global Services (IGS) (1997 to 1999):

- Development satellite communications solutions to its clients. Projects developed under this contract involve VSAT networks employing different suppliers, plus SCPC, SCPC/DAMA and MCPC customized designs
  Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI) (1999):

- Technical evaluation and optimization of Impsat´s proposal for CNI multi-application national coverage network (WAN via satellite)
  Linksat Sistemas de Comunicações (1998 to 1999):

- Support in new services identification and new technologies applications, acting as New Services Director of the company.

- Technical support on documentation for response to Cable TV auction bid issued by ANATEL, including technical and operational requirements.
  GTECH Corporation, RI, USA (1995/96):

- Design, implementation and operation of the telecomm portion of the first on-line lottery network in Brazil, using wireless technology: radio connection in a cellular environment as last mile solution and a hybrid VSAT / Spread Spectrum radio solution as backbone network.
  AGTELECOM, São Paulo, SP (1996):

- Technical evaluation of a state-wide multipurpose digital network implementation, including fiber, radio and satellite connections
  COMSAT Brazil (1996):

- Technical auditing on its spread spectrum radio metropolitan network in São Paulo, with recommendations to improve its reliability
  GLOBAL ONE do Brasil (1996):

- Technical auditing on its spread spectrum radio metropolitan network (for internet backbone access from ISPs) in São Paulo, with recommendations to improve its reliability
  FORUM / TRITOM (1995):
Advisory on Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems investment, including technological, economical and political assessment


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