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UNION   Engenharia  de  Telemática is  a  company  created  by  seniors Engineers with solid technical background and with great professional experience and expertise in the Telecommunications area, devoted to develop business opportunities in Brazil in this field.

UNION´s blend of extensive investment, technological and financial experience, together with its extraordinary network of personal, business and government relationships, place it in a unique position to identify, plan, evaluate the technical-economical feasibility, structure, execute and most importantly, add value to, some of the most promising business opportunities available in the telecommunications sector in Brazil.

In fact, these strengths enable UNION to advise, in a global sense, foreign companies interested in doing business in Brazil seeking superior returns, profiting from a huge range of emergent opportunities.


UNION is well-positioned to take advantage of this special moment advising companies interested in doing business in the telecommunications sector in Brazil for the following reasons:

Sector Knowledge : UNION management team has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications sector, which consists of extensive knowledge of the sector’s :

(a) regulatory environments
(b) strategic business opportunities
(c) economic / financial structure
(d) sources of funding and principal industry players.

Principals & Professionals Track Record : UNION principals and professionals have substantial international experience in business development, analyzing and integrating technical / financial analysis of business opportunities. Dealing with major national & international corporations UNION´s principals and professionals have individually, or through their respective businesses, conducted successful operations to establish pioneer projects / services that changed dramatically the communications history in Brazil.

The experience in Telecommunications of UNION professionals is very wide, including, beyond satellite communications, terrestrial radio links, fiber optic links, design, implementation and maintenance of wireless data networks, including paging or bi-directional high speed data (in a cellular configuration or wide area point-to-multipoint) as well as multiplex and PABX systems dimensioning installation and maintenance.

Relationships : More than 20 years of combined professional experience in Brazil have enable the principals of UNION to develop close relationships with the most influential business groups, companies, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, political, sector and government leaders, and other key players in Brazil.


UNION´s principals have individually or through their respective businesses accomplished important tasks and being actively involved in projects such as:

- The Brazilian Domestic Satellite System, including business plan, negotiations with ITU, coordination with neighboring countries and contract with services providers and equipment manufacturers

- Development of relationship with the INTELSAT and INMARSAT systems

- Work with the Minister of Communications of the Brazilian Government to develop standards for several services, like private satellite communications and paging service provision

- Business plan, design and implementation of the first paging network of Brazil, the nationwide TELETRIM system, including all legal aspects related to national and state Government authorization

- Design, for GTECH Corporation, USA, of on-line cellular radio based lottery network for the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba, including satellite links for connection with a central Main Data Center. This work involved all negotiations and paper filings in the Ministry of Communications for definition of operation frequency band and service authorization.

- Participation on the economic analysis evaluation (business plan), design of payload configuration, typical link budget elaboration and preparation of documents for ITU (appendix 4 and 3), for the first Brazilian private domestic satellite system, the CLASS System.

- Research of the Cable TV market and legislation in Brazil and support to HORIZON Cablevision, USA, in the establishment of business in the country, including recommendation of cities to deploy the system and search of local partners.

- Assess medium term political, economic, regulatory / operating local environment, primarily as they relate to foreign investment climate.

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